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Can of spam crossed out with a red circle and text saying "say no to spam"

Spam Control: Chapter 3 – Blocking or Reducing Spam Email on iOS/iPadOS Devices

So far in this series on spam control, we've covered the basics of what spam is and why it's bad, then followed up with methods of reducing spam text messages. Today we're going to dive into how to block spam email (or at least try to reduce the quantities of spam) using your iOS (iPhone or iPod touch) and iPadOS devices. The series concludes next week with an article on spam control for macOS. Ready? Grab your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and let's get to work.

Mastering macOS Server, Part 5: Mail and Calendar Services

 Find the entire macOS Server series here! This is the fifth in the ongoing Rocket Yard series describing how to use Apple’s macOS Server to provide services to users both inside a local network and over the Internet. Previous articles include: Part...

Stay Safe: Bug in iOS Mail Allows Phishing Attacks

Image via Allstate.com A security researcher has uncovered a bug in iOS Mail that allows an attacker to remotely run HTML code on a computer when an email is opened. The researcher, Jan Soucek, first discovered the issue back in...