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Retro Apple: iPod – A Comprehensive Look From Then Until Now

le’s road to success is paved with many products that no longer exist. Some have simply become redundant thanks to newer products with more functionality, while others were unceremoniously dumped from the Apple product line. Today we’ll look at a wildly successful Apple product that is still being sold, but in a much different format — the iPod.

New iPod colors, image via MacRumors.com

French Website Serves Up Rumors Of iPod Updates Next Week

New iPod colors, image via MacRumors.com Remember the iPod? It's the device that helped Apple's rebirth and cemented the image of the iconic white earbuds as an Apple product in the minds of billions of people. Apple hasn't done much with...

iPod: The End of a Classic Era

The iPod is officially dead. Wait. That’s not what I mean. Apple’s iPod line is very much alive, despite the company having finally killed off the Classic version of its dedicated MP3 player. We still can cling to the iPod...

Tim Robertson’s Last – OWC Radio #42

Will iPads replace laptops? The CEO of BestBuy thinks so. Tim got his hands on the new iPod Nano, and has a report! Also, as this is the last OWC Radio by host Tim Robertson, he reflects back on the history...

Apple Event with David Cohen – OWC Radio #40

Tim is joined by his one time podcasting co-host David Cohen to talk about yesterdays big Apple event. Topics include: is the new Apple TV actually better than the current Apple TV, as both David and Tim are owners of...

The new Apple TV and ONE BIG question remains

Will AirPlay be a service that other iOS apps can take advantage of, or is it reserved for Apple's own apps? If indeed, as some have speculated, AirPlay will be available to third-party developers, would it be logical to assume that apps could transform the Apple TV into something much greater than we saw on stage at this Apple event?