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4 Productivity Tips for Mac Users

Most Mac users are pretty savvy. However, there’s always room for improvement. And if you want to maximize productivity, it helps to understand some of the different tricks and hacks that are available. Try These 4 Mac Productivity Tips For...

How to Type En Dashes, Em Dashes, and Hyphens on a Mac

We are all familiar with the standard hyphen symbol and know what it's called. It is primarily used to hyphenate words (hence its name) and often used as the minus sign (-) in math. But what about those dashes that appear more extended than a hyphen? What are they used for, and how do you type them? This quick little guide should help you out.

Make Your iPhone Keyboard Work for You

The iPhone is a surprisingly versatile device thanks to apps, and the one primary method of inputting data is still the virtual keyboard. While typing by tapping on a screen was a novelty in 2007 when the iPhone first appeared, it's now the default input method for the majority of smartphones. Today we'll look at some tips that make typing on the iPhone easier.

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New Features in Pages 8.2 for Mac

While there has been a lot of coverage of the new features in Apple's operating systems – primarily macOS Catalina, iOS 13, and iPadOS 13 – some of Apple's productivity apps have also gained functionality recently. Today we'll take a look at some useful new features that appeared in Pages 8.2, which became available on September 30th, 2019.


🚀 TipOff #6: Make a Keyboard Shortcut for Any Menu Item

We all know that keyboard shortcuts help save time, but did you know that you can create your own keyboard shortcut for any menu option? It's super helpful if you are constantly pointing and selecting the same menu item over...

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Top 10 Greatest Mac Keyboard Shortcuts of All-Time

Okay, the term “greatest” is certainly subjective in this case. But trying to explain myself with a disclaimer in the title would be way too complicated and confusing. I’m not even sure if a web browser could parse a URL...