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Tag Archives: LEED Platinum Certified

Make the Planet a Little More Green This Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. It’s a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. But although Earth Day is just one day a year, efforts can be made year-round to focus on sustainability for our planet. OWC and MacSales.com have deeply...

Help Make the Planet a Little More Green This Earth Day

When it comes to Earth Day, it’s easy to understand why some people would tend to think big. Earth is a rather large place, after all. But just because it’s such a large place, it doesn’t mean that small efforts...

Renewable Energy Update: OWC Puts Power Back On The Grid

Now that we’ve moved past winter and those nasty snowdrifts, we can begin to see a silver lining from all of that bone-chilling wind in Woodstock, Ill. From January 2014 through April 2014, OWC’s on-site Vestas V39-500 kW wind turbine produced...

It’s On: OWC Harnessing the Power of the Texas Sun

The switch has been flipped. OWC's Austin facility is officially harnessing the power of the sun. The company began installing a solar panel array on the roof of its Austin facility in late 2013 and completed it shortly after. The...

Solar Panel Installation Completed at Austin Facility

Since work began in late 2013, we’ve been documenting the progress of the Solar panel installation on the roof of our OWC facility in Austin, Texas. And we’re happy to report that the project has been completed and the panels...

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