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Managing Apps That Automatically Open When You Log In

You can have apps, documents, folders, or server connections open automatically whenever you log into macOS. To add or remove automatic items... Look at the top left of your Mac screen and choose "Apple menu > System Preferences."Click "Users & Groups."Select your...

Activity Monitor – CPU & Memory

Using Activity Monitor Part 1: CPU and Memory

Activity Monitor is one of my favorite apps, although when my Mac is running as it should, I hardly ever use it. But when there’s a need to troubleshoot problems, check performance, or see if an upgrade, such as additional RAM or...

Mac Safe Mode Startup Screen with text saying "Safe Mode"

How to Use Safe Mode in macOS Catalina

Your Mac has a "Safe Mode" designed to help when you run into trouble with your computer. It's a diagnostic mode of macOS that boots up your desktop or laptop without any other apps running. Here's how it works.

Transparent icon of an iMac and a Rocket

Speed Up macOS Catalina with These Tips

Did you recently upgrade to macOS Catalina? After the initial thrill of seeing a new desktop and exploring new features, did you notice that your Mac isn’t as fast as it used to be? While it isn't normal for the Mac to slow down after a system upgrade, it has been known to happen.


🚀 TipOff #9: Have Things Open at Log-In

If there are apps that you'd like to have open when you start your Mac, you can set this up in System Preferences. Go to Users, make sure your user account is highlighted, then click Login Items. Then, click the...

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