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Tag Archives: macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Tech 101: How to Customize Folder Views in macOS Finder

Early in the evolution of the Macintosh, folders became a way to logically organize documents. In the early 2000s with the release of Mac OS X, folders gained a number of different views that made it possible for Mac users...

Tech 101: How to View ‘Hidden’ Files on a Mac

When you look inside a folder on a Mac, you see a collection of files and folders that can be acted upon --  you can open files and folders, delete them, move them, and so on. But did you realize that...

How to Format a New Internal SSD in macOS High Sierra

Recently, some OWC customers have reported experiencing a situation where their new SSD will not show up in Disk Utility in High Sierra. Although Disk Utility should always be tried first, a Mac’s Terminal can be used to format the drive...