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How to Set and Use a Different Return Address in macOS Mail

The Mac Mail app is pretty smart and is pretty much reliable at associating an email address with a particular account, so I don’t set up a specific return address in Mail. However, when you reply to an email, you can choose a different return email address than the one associated with it.

How to Reply to or Forward Messages in Mail in macOS

With Mail on macOS, it’s easy to reply to or forward messages (and it may get even easier with macOS Big Sur this fall – stay tuned). What’s more, if a message contains attachments, you can include them if you wish. Here’s how...

How to Create an Auto Reply Message in macOS Mail

Do you find yourself typing the same ol’ replies when using Mail in macOS? Not necessary, my friend. You can set up macOS Mail to respond automatically to incoming messages with a text you have pre-composed. Here’s how to set up an auto-response message in Mail...

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How to Delete an Email Account in the Mac Mail App

How often do you need to delete an email account? If you're like me, probably not very often. I have had my main personal account since the mid-90s – but I have intentionally deleted it from Mail several times. Why?...

Can of spam crossed out with a red circle and text saying "say no to spam"

Spam Control: Chapter 4 – Taming Spam Email on Macs

Today we'll be looking at ways to tame the spam beast on Macs. So far in this series, we've delved into what spam is and why it's bad, how to reduce spam text messages, and how to reduce the quantities...

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