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Pro Audio: Get the Best Out of Your Podcast Audio With These Recommendations

With many people still at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great opportunity to either start a new podcast or take some simple steps to improve the quality of the audio you’re putting out into the world. In this installment of Pro Audio, we’ll cover some of the gear you’ll need to create high-quality podcast audio on a budget, with additional recommendations if you’re fortunate enough to have extra funds.

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OBS Chapter 5: Hotkeys, More Sources, and Resources

Welcome to the penultimate article in our series on Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). If you have missed the first four chapters in this online book about the free, open-source video production application, you can catch up by following these links:...

Pro Audio: DIY Audio Projects (Part II)

In part one of this series, I recommended some essential tools for DIYers who want to explore building their own audio gear. If it sounds intimidating to build your own gear, let me quickly assuage those fears. There are a...

Pro Audio Cocal Microphone Neumann U87

Pro Audio: Microphone Recommendations for Recording Vocals

In my previous article, we discussed the differences between two common microphone types, the condenser microphone, and the dynamic microphone. In this article, we'll review some of the most common microphone choices for recording vocals. The Best Microphones for Vocals...

Image of a Shure SM58 on a purple background with text that says "Pro Audio: Microphones 101"

Pro Audio: Microphones 101

In my previous Pro Audio Series articles, we covered some of the basics in putting together your first home studio. We walked through the fundamentals of selecting a computer, audio interface, and software. This brings us to the world of microphones....

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