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microsoft word and macos pages logos on photo collage

How to Export Your Images From macOS Pages & Microsoft Word

Every now and then, I find it necessary to grab an image from a Pages or Word document. You might be lead to think that the process is similar for both applications, but they are not. In fact, this is one of the few cases where it’s in some ways easier to do with Microsoft’s product than Apple’s. Why? I have no idea. But with Word, it is stupid-easy. With Pages, it’s just plain stupid.

TextEdit’s Hidden Talents

TextEdit is one of the apps included with each copy of macOS, but it is overshadowed by word processing apps like Pages and Microsoft Word as well as dedicated text editors like Ulysses and Bear. Today we'll look at some...

Microsoft Office for iPhone

A Quick Look at the New Microsoft Office for iPhone

Microsoft Office has been around for years on Mac, and the software company created separate iPhone apps for Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), and PowerPoint (presentation). Last month, Microsoft released a totally new Microsoft Office for iPhone that includes new...

✍️ How to Sign a PDF Document on a Mac

Create and Store Your Signature Perhaps your lawyer sent you an important PDF document to sign, or you need to authorize an increase in the school lunch allocation for your suddenly growth-spurting teen-aged son. Whatever the reason may be, you...