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OWC Radio #57 – There’s a Lion on the Horizon

Apple's newest operating system, OS X Lion is due out this month and we're waiting in anticipation of how it will be received by consumers. With the mixed reactions to iCloud and the almost unanimous discontent with Final Cut Pro...

Buy Office 2008 Now, Get Office 2011 FREE Later.

A couple of weeks ago, OWC Tim touched on the upcoming release of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Along with talking about the new features, it brought up some interesting points, and is probably worth a quick read. Go ahead...

Office 2011 – Cautiously Hopeful

The next version of Office, the 2011 edition, is due out in October, and while I won't be standing in line to get a copy, I do appreciate the effort of the MBU


iPad… Multi-Touch Taken For Granted

Back in 2007, I wrote an Executive Review of the iPhone that stated the device could possibly foretell the “Future of Computing”. After three generations of iPhones, two generations of iPod Touch, and the forthcoming iPad, I do think my...

Playing nice with Windows users.

Due to a recent transfer of old files at home, I came across an old email from my days in radio. One of the producers at the radio station I had been interning at had a problem. All the production...

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