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Notification Center with the notification tab selected

Tips for Using the Mac’s Notification Center

The Notification Center was added to the Mac with the release of OS X Mountain Lion in the summer of 2012 and was meant to corral a stampede of push services that was threatening to inundate users with uncontrolled notifications...

How to Get Dashboard Up and Running Again in macOS Mojave

Mac widgets not working? Dashboard, the secondary desktop introduced with OS X Tiger, is gone, vamoosed, kaput; it's an ex-desktop. With the advent of macOS Mojave, the Dashboard and all of those productive widgets for Mac are gone. Such is...

Mountain Lion. Seems cool to me.

From my quick assessment perusing popular online forums, Apple’s announcement last Thursday of the next version of OS X, Mountain Lion, has struck a nerve with some people among the Mac faithful. If you’ve listened to the OWC Radio Podcast,...

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