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iPad… Multi-Touch Taken For Granted

Back in 2007, I wrote an Executive Review of the iPhone that stated the device could possibly foretell the “Future of Computing”. After three generations of iPhones, two generations of iPod Touch, and the forthcoming iPad, I do think my...

We’ve Gone Bananas With A Bunch of Instructional Videos!

What with all the holiday hijinks, preparations for Macworld, and all the other stuff we've been reporting about lately, our highly-acclaimed Instructional Series of videos seems to have taken a back seat, with nary a mention since mid-December. Well, that's...

Apple Tablet Just A Touch Too Much?

Nothing like an impending Apple announcement to get multitudes - from the casual observer to the rabid supporter - talking about it. And hey, since we fall somewhere in that range, it was time for us to weigh in with...

Mac Tablet Now Shipping ;-)

OK.. the Axiotron Modbook, currently the world's only Mac-based tablet computer, has been shipping from our docks since 2007.  Apple has had the trademark of TabletMac transferred from Axiotron to Apple within the past year, sparking more interest into the...