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OWC Aims to Bring SSD Upgrades for All MacBook Models

In case you missed Apple’s big “Spring Forward” event earlier today, Tim Cook & Co. announced a new ultra-thin 12” MacBook model with a Retina display. It is unclear at this point whether the SSD module in the new model...

OWC Gives a Sneak Peek at new PCIe SSD Card

While we are not in the habit of announcing products before they’re ready to launch, we decided to let the lid off of this one a little early, as it is quite exciting. We’d like to introduce you to our...

US Goes Deep Into Space With New Vehicle

So while it appears the U.S. is leaving Low Earth Orbit operations (like the ISS) to the private sector and other countries once the Space Shuttle program is retired later this year, our country is going to "boldly go" into...