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iTunes Sore Icon with text saying "iTunes Store"

How to Make the iTunes Store Icon Appear in the macOS Catalina Music App

With macOS Catalina, music, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks are organized into their own dedicated apps — named, appropriately enough, Music, TV, and Podcasts, and Apple Books. You can also access your iTunes Store purchases in the appropriate apps. However, when you open Apple Music, you won’t see a link to the iTunes Store. Why? Perhaps Apple prefers you to subscribe to Apple Music instead of buying songs and albums. Who knows how the tech giant thinks? However, you can make the iTunes Store icon magically reappear. Here’s how:

Move or Manage the Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts Libraries

macOS Catalina’s new media apps - Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts - are the replacement for the older iTunes app, which handled most of these media types in a single application. And while iTunes may have a reputation with some users as being a poor performer, the Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts apps may not be off to a stellar beginning, either, at least as indicated by the comments received on our various articles.

Sync icon over catalina image with text saying "Catalina Quick Tip: Using Sync"

Catalina Quick Tip: How to Use Syncing

Before macOS Catalina, you synced your iPhone or iPad with your iTunes library via iTunes. However, the iTunes app is being broken up into three separate apps as in iOS Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts. Now you do the syncing via...

Apple's new Music App overlaid with iTunes logo

🎵 Rocking Out with the Music App in macOS Catalina 🎶

For some reason, it seems as if iTunes is the app people love to hate. So when macOS Catalina drove a stake through the heart of the iTunes app, splitting it into three different apps, I expected peals of joy from the...