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Capturing Data with Forms in Numbers for iPhone and iPad

Our iPhones and iPads are perfect for data collection in the field; they’re portable, don’t require the use of a keyboard, and can connect to the cloud from almost anywhere. Apple’s free Numbers spreadsheet app is a perfect tool for analyzing data that’s captured on mobile devices, and it also has a relatively unknown feature that creates easy-to-use entry forms. Today I’ll show you how to create a form with Numbers on the iPhone and iPad.

Spell Check 101: Apple Apps

Cn u spel OK? Fortunately, Apple has created a spell checking capability that works well in just about any Apple app. Whether you're using Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TextEdit, Mail, Messages or Safari on your Mac, the same spell check tool comes to your rescue to ensure perfectly spelled documents. Let's take a look.

A Guide to Continuity Camera in macOS Mojave

Our Macs are amazing tools, but they lack one thing that iOS devices have -- cameras that can be used almost anywhere to take high-resolution photos. Sure, you could theoretically hold a document to be scanned in front of an...

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