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Thunderbolt Via Target Disk Mode

Several weeks ago when Apple released the first Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, the questions started pouring in on how quickly we'd be able to see the benefits of blazing external speeds. Interestingly enough, no thunderbolt cables were even available until earlier this...

Are We Headed Towards Driveless Desktops?

The recent iMac drive replacement issue topic made me go outside the box in my own thinking and made me wonder if Cupertino, yet again, had another ace up its sleeve we just weren't seeing yet. I thought long and...

We live macs too

We Live Macs Too!

The iPod was on its third generation of monochromatic display glory, and the PowerMac G5 was new.  It was early 2004 and that was the last time I purchased a “Mactop” before I recently jumped into an Intel based Mac...