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Mac with logic pro x and headphones

Pro Audio: Apple Makes a Statement with Logic Pro X 10.5 Update

If you’ve read my earlier post about my favorite DAW software, you’ll know that my personal preference (especially for mixing) is Avid Pro Tools. However, with the recent release of Logic Pro X 10.5, Apple continues to offer an impressive and extensive...

pro audio - how reverb works

Pro Audio: How Reverb Works

Reverb is arguably the most effective weapon in the arsenal of a mixing engineer. From creating the ambiance of a small room to expansive, deep halls, reverb is used on most recorded music to create space, separation, and other effects....

Pro Audio: The Best Plugins – Compression

Pro Audio: The Best Compressor Plugins

In this Pro Audio Series article, I'll introduce you to a few popular hardware compressors along with my favorite plugin emulations. Almost every plugin in this post is available as a demo, so don't just take my word for it. I'd recommend that you download them all and compare them to see if one stands out for you. Whether you're an experienced engineer or just getting started, this is all about personal taste. There's a lot to digest here, so let's dive right in.

Instant Drummer in your Mac!

No drummer sits and plays eight-bar patterns robotically over and over again, and that's why your virtual drum tracks may be sounding lifeless and unrealistic. Enter FXpansion's BFD2 BFD2 is an acoustic drum production environment for your computer with unprecedented...