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What to Do When Your Mac Tells You the Date and Time Are Incorrect

As a longtime tech writer, I'm sometimes asked how I get ideas for articles. Some of them come from readers who ask questions that intrigue me. The other day, an email arrived asking “I have an iMac running 10.13.6 and somehow when I start my Mac it tells me that my date and time is incorrect, but it’s not so I was wondering would you be able to explain to me in an easy way that I can understand: what’s going on?” Here's what the problem is, along with a solution.

How to Fix and Avoid the Most Common Mac Error Messages

Chances are you've never had any problems with your Mac and this guide to common Mac error messages won't be of interest to you. Just kidding. It's much more likely that you've seen at least a few of these error...

How to Reset NVRAM, PRAM, SMC on Your Mac

Macs are incredibly reliable computers. But occasionally when using one, you’ll come across an issue. With so many variables, troubleshooting your Mac or macOS (or OS X) on the rare occasions that it does act strangely can be an intimidating....