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OWC & NT Storage Solutions Lion Ready.

You know that feeling when you’ve upgraded to a new operating system and you find that your favorite peripheral doesn’t work any more? We sure do; it stinks. That’s why we’ve gathered all OWC and NewerTech storage solutions, including 'legacy'...

OWC Radio #54 – The $3 Word Episode

Another month of news has gone by and there's so much to discuss! The iPad 2 is still not widely available. Apple has cut several products from retail stores. Acer is looking to overhaul their operations to be more like...

OWC’s RAID solutions now feature 3.0TB Drives!

Even as prices on ultra-fast SSDs continue to wind their way down, the capacity on traditional, platter-based hard drives increases. Earlier in the month, Western Digital announced a 3.0TB hard drive. Not long afterward, Hitachi came out with their own...