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Teach your Mac New Things – Keep Your Software Up-To-Date.

Not everybody is running the “latest and greatest” versions of software. This is extra true when it’s something like Adobe Creative Suite, which can easily top a grand each time a new version comes out. While the extra features may...

ATI X1900 XT Video Card Problems (Finally) Addressed By Apple.

Long-time power users may recall the problems ATI Radeon X1900 XT video cards would exhibit, usually due to overheating. For the most part, those with AppleCare were able to get the card replaced. Unfortunately for many, the replacement exhibited the...

Mac Pro and Radeon Video Cards, Part Deux

Actually, this might be part 3 or 4 of our updates that have captured the attention (and traffic!) of inquiring  Mac Pro users around the world. It all got started back in March of 2009 when OWC Larry himself told...