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Tag Archives: Retina

Apple Adds 2012 Retina MacBook Pro to Vintage List

Apple adding a six-year-old Mac model to its “vintage” list shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, it might feel premature considering the latest addition is a Retina model that still performs admirably for many owners. According to Apple’s Vintage and...

SSDs, RAM, Docks, Cables & Batteries in Our Latest Garage Sale!

April has just about arrived. Hopefully, that means that you’ve already finished your spring-cleaning and you’ve found out that you’ll be getting a nice tax refund in the mail. MacSales.com has done a bit of spring-cleaning of its own, and has...

Latest Garage Sale Packed With Hundreds of Items!

February is a short month, but there was still plenty of time for the MacSales.com team to round up hundreds of great items for the latest Garage Sale! We have nearly 400 items in this month's batch including memory, storage, Apple...

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