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macOS High Sierra Siri icon

A Quick Guide to iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

With the addition of Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, Apple's intelligent assistant became a lot more powerful. Siri Shortcuts give iOS 12 users the ability to create their own voice commands for various built-in functions, but the real power comes from...

Rocket Yard Guide: Five Mac Utilities Everyone Can Use

Speaking from personal experience, downloading and trying out new Mac utilities can quickly become an addiction. I've probably deleted more utilities than have been created for the Mac. How is that possible? Because I sometimes forget which ones I've already...

Tech 101: Zipping (Compressing) Files and Folders on the Mac

Back in the ancient days, hard drives were small, floppy disks were plentiful, and email systems choked on attachments larger than a few hundred kilobytes (KB). Fortunately, some geniuses figured out a way to compress the data in files into...

How to Install, Manage, Delete Safari Extensions on a Mac

Safari is a fairly powerful macOS app on its own, but it can do things above and beyond the call of duty when it's equipped with extensions. Safari extensions have been around since OS X Lion, and consist of add-on...