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How to Print a Webpage Without Ads and Backgrounds on a Mac

We recently received a comment from a reader regarding the difficulty he had printing articles from the Rocket Yard blog. Well, it wasn’t difficult in the sense that hitting ⌘P was too much work. The problem was that there were all sorts of extraneous unwanted junky-things that would print right along with what he really wanted – the content. Ads, menus, backgrounds, and footers are but a few of the offending items that get in the way of a good, clean read. Not only can they make for a messy read later on, but they are also ink-hogs. And nobody likes ink-hogs.

Talking iTunes, new Mac mini, & more – OWC Radio #31

Tim has problems with iTunes after installing Mac OS X 10.6.4 update. Is it time for Apple to start from scratch with iTunes? Also, reader Albert finds even more reasons to like the new Safari Reader in Safari 5, Apple...

New iPhone, iOS, and Safari – OWC Radio #30

iPhone 4! We go into details on what the new iPhone offers, and host Tim Robertson discusses an issue many of you will face: is it worth buying this new iPhone? Is there a compelling reason to do so? There...