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magnifying glass and safari logo

How to Use Quick Website Search in Safari on macOS

In macOS Safari, you can enable Quick Website Search if you wish. Many websites offer their own integrated engine that allows you to search for content within the site itself. This feature lets you search the contents of a single...

Magnifying glass over spotlight search window results

How to View a File’s Pathname in Spotlight

Spotlight is a handy macOS utility that allows you to quickly find documents, applications, files, and folders on your Mac. It can also serve up the latest weather forecast, movie times, currency exchange rates and even look up someone in...

The new Safari Extensions page in the Mac App Store

Safari Extensions move to the Mac App Store

(New link to Safari Extensions in the Mac App Store.) Safari Extensions are add-ons that work within Apple's Safari web browser to add functionality not found in the basic browser. In the past, selecting Safari > Safari Extensions pointed users...

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