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macOS Terminal icon with words that say "Bash to Zsh"

Moving From Bash to Zsh: Terminal Changes in macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina has a number of new features and capabilities, but one change that’s often overlooked is the new shell used in Terminal to interact with the Mac via the command line. The quick take away is Apple is moving from the Bash (Bourne Again Shell) to a newer Zsh. In this Rocket Yard guide we’ll look at how this change to Terminal and the command line affects you.

Tech 101: Introduction to the Mac’s Terminal App, Part One

Terminal may be one of the least used but most powerful apps included with a Mac. At first glance, Terminal seems to be the antithesis of the Mac's friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), presenting instead a simple command line interface...

NewerTech NuGuard Shell for iPad gets Thumbs Up

With all the iPad peripherals out there, sometimes it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. We here at OWC firmly believe the Newer Technology line of cases, shells, stands and other equipment are amongst the upper echelon of...