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Retro Apple: How HyperCard Changed the World One Stack at a Time

HyperCard was a powerful, yet extremely easy to use tool for creating “stacks” — essentially flat-file databases that used hyperlinks as a way of navigating a stack of “cards”. You have to understand that at the time HyperCard was first released in 1987, there was no World Wide Web, so the concept of hyperlinks was completely new. HyperCard not only got a lot of Mac fans started in programming, but it also inspired some of the tools that we take for granted today.

Siri’s Punctuation and Text Formatting Commands

Let's face it, we all sound goofy dictating a text or email via Siri while driving, showering, or doing hot yoga. Hey Siri text my wife I quote love your cooking comma unquote so all caps please don't ever think...


🚀 TipOff #6: Make a Keyboard Shortcut for Any Menu Item

We all know that keyboard shortcuts help save time, but did you know that you can create your own keyboard shortcut for any menu option? It's super helpful if you are constantly pointing and selecting the same menu item over...

Expert Tips for Setting Up & Using Mission Control on a Mac

Mission Control, originally released with OS X Lion, allows you to organize your windows, apps, and virtual desktops, as well as run small apps known as widgets, in a dedicated space. If it sounds like Mission Control is the Mac's...

Mac Keyboard Shortcut

Top 10 Greatest Mac Keyboard Shortcuts of All-Time

Okay, the term “greatest” is certainly subjective in this case. But trying to explain myself with a disclaimer in the title would be way too complicated and confusing. I’m not even sure if a web browser could parse a URL...

Quick Tip: Take Advantage of the macOS App Switcher

One feature of macOS that many new Mac users might not be familiar with is the Application Switcher or "App Switcher". In its most simple form, the App Switcher uses the Command - Tab keyboard shortcut to show a list...

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