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Have Sweet Dreams With the watchOS 7 Sleep App

The Apple Watch is an incredible tool for tracking your fitness and health as well as other aspects of your daily life. watchOS 7 has added several new functions, but none is as important to the well-being of Watch owners as the Sleep app.


🚀 TipOff #7: How to Cure a Sleepless Mac

You might find that when you choose to sleep your Mac by closing the lid or choosing Sleep from the menu, every now-and-then it refuses to do so. This is typically a quick fix, as luckily it’s not hard to...

Trouble Waking Up After A Deep Sleep?

Does your new blazing fast SSD appear to be sluggish when waking up from sleep? There’s probably a good reason behind this, although I doubt it’s because you’re making it work too hard. Apple implemented a new Standby Mode with...