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It’s Spring: Time to Clean Your Mac

Spring is traditionally the time to clean out the cobwebs, dust, and dirt that have collected after you’ve been closed up in the house all winter. As long as you’re in a cleaning mode, it’s a good idea to take the time to clean up your Mac and other electronic equipment. Dust, dirt, and even cobwebs have been known to cling to a Mac, and not only mar the look, but also block airflow, or hinder the working of mechanical components. Taking the time to clean your Mac can help extend its useful life. As long as you’re doing a bit of cleaning, you may as well do a little Mac maintenance as well, to ensure your Mac not only looks good, but also continues to perform at its best.

macOS Catalina Update

macOS Catalina Supplement Released

As with all new operating system releases, macOS Catalina has had a few bugs that slipped through the beta testing process. Today (October 15, 2019) Apple released a macOS Catalina Supplement to resolve some issues. According to the company, the...

How to Download macOS Mojave and Avoid Common Problems

One of the first steps in installing macOS Mojave is acquiring the Mojave installer from the App Store. While this is generally an easy process, it can have a few twists and turns that can leave you frustrated. In this guide,...

A Quick Guide to Installing iOS 12

Today's the day: September 17, 2018. While this may be just like any other Monday, it's also the day that the latest mobile operating system from Apple becomes available to the public. iOS 12 has many features built into it...

A Quick Guide to Preparing Your Devices for iOS 12

At Wednesday's Apple "Gather Round" event, one of the expected announcements is the date that iOS 12 will be released to the public. It could be as early as this week, so The Rocket Yard wants you to be prepared for...

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