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Tech 101: What You Need to Set Up Your Own DIY Upgrade Lab

Have you been updating your Mac, adding memory or storage, or perhaps simply customizing how it looks? Are you the go-to guy for repairing a favorite toy? Do you wish you had a place to brew up a newfangled creation...

Spring Cleaning With The StoraDrive

After a long, slow, and seemingly indefinite winter (how many other ways can I say winter seemed to last FOREVER?!), springtime is finally upon us! Now is the time for remembering how loud birds can sing in the morning, questioning...

Preventing Static Damage to your Hard Drive

One of the more frequent question topics we get here at OWC revolve around anti-static precautions.Very often, it will read something like this: "I purchased a Newer Technology Voyager, and I love it! But I am still unsure how I...

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