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(The tabs pop-up menu, displayed after tapping and holding on the tabs button)

Quick Tip: Closing All Safari Tabs At Once on an iPhone

One of the most common questions I get from iPhone and iPad users has to do with Apple's Safari web browser. Especially on the iPhone where there are no visible tabbed web sessions (in other words, you only see one tab...

Quick Tip: Using Spotlight to Get a Weather Forecast

Especially in the winter months, it's helpful to get up-to-date weather forecasts while you're working on your Mac. After all, if a blizzard is on the way or the polar vortex is pushing the temperature down to double-digit negative numbers,...

Quick Tip: Managing macOS File Associations

Do you know what a "file association" is? Although it sounds like a club for people who like to use steel tools for smoothing or shaping hard materials, it's actually an information technology term referring to applications that can open...

Quick Tip: Take Advantage of the macOS App Switcher

One feature of macOS that many new Mac users might not be familiar with is the Application Switcher or "App Switcher". In its most simple form, the App Switcher uses the Command - Tab keyboard shortcut to show a list...

Quick Tip: Get the Mac Dock to Only Show Running Apps

The macOS Dock is designed to make launching applications and switching between them as easy as finding the app’s icon and clicking on it. Sometimes the Dock can be a bit confusing if you have selected “Keep In Dock” for...

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