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Tag Archives: thailand

Hard Drive Supply: We’re not quite in the clear yet.

There has been another development in our ongoing coverage regarding how the flooding in Thailand has been affecting the hard drive industry. With the waters receding and the supply chains starting to open back up, the prices on drives have...

Thailand Hard Drive Production Resuming

We’ve finally got some positive news amongst the dire supply conditions brought on by the Thailand floods; Western Digital has resumed its hard drive production in Thailand. According to a press release on the WD Web site, the company restarted...

Thailand Flood Update: It May Be Longer Than We Thought.

We know that, to some, we seem to be talking about the Thailand situation an awful lot. However, since the flooding has affected hard drive production, that impacts the entire industry and we figure it’s better to let you know...

Hard Drive Shortages – Where Is This Going?

Three weeks ago, I thought the Thailand/hard drive situation was bad and had worst-case scenarios in consideration. A week later and the worst of the worst-case didn't line up with what was becoming reality. It seems like there may be...

Thailand Floods & The Resulting Consequences

Let's face it: the recent flooding situation in Thailand and the imminent hard drive shortage has many of us concerned, as approximately 40-50% of the world's hard disk drives are manufactured in the affected areas. With production halted, suppliers and...

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