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10 Fantastic Mac Finder Tips

They may not all be fantastic, but these 10 Finder tips can help you become a master of Finder finesse. The Finder, of course, is the main way you find, organize, and make use of files on your Mac. These tips are the ones often used in our household. They can help alleviate annoying issues, such as file names that are too long and become truncated in a window, or help you keep your files better organized. You can try out each of these Finder tips, and with any luck, one or more of them will be useful and help you streamline how you work with your Mac.

Mac Upgrade Tips Vol. 1: Don’t Panic!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS7w-bnwo-Q] Join Chris in this first installment of this video series as he provides sage advice to those upgrading their computers for the first time. Check out Part 2 in the series at: eshop.macsales.com/blog/43458-mac-upgrade-tips-vol-2-back-up-your-data To find out which upgrades are...

Quick Tip: Using Safari Reading List on Mac and iOS

Sometimes you're browsing a website and you read an article that you just have to save. Sure, you could print it to PDF, or perhaps even print a copy on paper. But the PDF method can be problematic (for example, it...

Quick Tip: Reverting an Edited Photo Back to the Original

Using the editing tools built into the iOS Photos app is a fast and easy way to take so-so images and turn them into something special. Using the adjustments for special cropping, applying filters, or even adjusting individual color tones...

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