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OWC Joins iFixIt #FixAtHome Campaign

Time to fix those isolation blues—we’re getting creative! iFixit asked us to join their #FixAtHome challenge, and we’re all-in for some at-home repairs and upgrades. COVID-19 forces many people to Work From Home, and this state of self-isolation is not only unusual but also hard to bear for some. We’d like to inspire people to make good use of the current situation by fixing and updating the things they own—because the more people are at home, the more things are likely to break.

Picture of a 2019 Mac Pro with OWC memory sayoing "Save up to 65% vs factory memory"

OWC Maxes Out the New 2019 Mac Pro and Saves Users Big

The newest Mac Pro from Apple features upgradeable memory slots for up to 1.5TB, and OWC is offering customers extraordinary savings off factory upgrade prices. New Mac Pro owners can save up to 65% on memory upgrades through OWC’s Memory trade-in rebate program. The new Mac Pro is a model of both form and function, and the price tag illustrates that. Purchasing the base model and upgrading with memory from OWC allows users to max out their new machines to boost performance levels, work with larger files, speed up render times and more, at incredible cost savings!

Mac Pro purchase page with blue buy button highlighted

Mac Pro Now Available for Purchase

The little matte-blue buy button finally appeared on Apple's Mac Pro page this morning. No hype, no fanfare, no press release, not even a cameo appearance on the homepage. The moment we have all been waiting for has come and gone with nary a peep. So why even throw a post together?

2014 Mac mini Upgrade

How to Replace the PCIe SSD in a 2014 Mac mini

The Rocket Yard and MacSales.com have long encouraged the do it yourself philosophy when it comes to upgrading your devices. And with our extensive catalog of instructional videos, we make it easy for almost anyone to perform the upgrades they...

Mac 101: Get More Done with More Memory

RAM upgrades can be both the simplest and least expensive ways to extend the productive life of your Mac. They can also improve general performance by allowing you to have more windows open, have more "stuff" on your desktop, and...

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