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How to Control your Mac with Head Gestures

The Mac platform has always been one of the best computing environments for accessibility, and a recent macOS update added a feature that points the way to a possible future where the mouse, trackpad, and even finger taps may not be needed to control your Mac. macOS 10.15.4 brought a new alternative control method to the Mac – using your head and facial gestures.

Catalina Quick Tip: How to use Voice Control

The new Voice Control feature in macOS Catalina lets users control their Mac entirely with their voice. It improves on the previous Enhanced Dictation feature using the Siri speech recognition engine. To enable Voice Control: Open System Preferences. Choose Accessibility. On...

Voice Control Comes to macOS Catalina

Voice Control, a new feature coming to the macOS in the fall of 2019, will allow you to control your device with spoken words. Improved versions for iOS and iPadOS will be released around the same time. While it's true...