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hall of jusatice background with zoom logo

Adding a Zoom Background

If you’re like me, you’ve gotten really familiar with Zoom over the past few weeks. It’s not that I didn’t use it before, but now instead of being in a room with a bunch of my coworkers connected to another room or two also with multiple people, we’re all by ourselves in our homes. In one of my Zoom meetings this week, someone had a cool space themed background, and I made a mental note to get myself some cool backgrounds.

Screenshot of halloween mac desktop saying "customize your desktop"

Customizing Catalina’s Desktop

You made it through the macOS Catalina installation, perhaps without any of the issues being reported by some users. Or if you did experience a few hiccups, you were able to resolve the issues and now Catalina is installed and working...

Get the New macOS Catalina and iOS 13 Wallpapers Now!

Every year (at least for the past several), Rocket Yard has posted the wallpaper images for macOS and iOS ahead of their official launch dates. And this year, macOS Catalina and iOS 13 are no different! iOS 13 comes with...

Quick Tip: Set a Live Photo or GIF as your iPhone Wallpaper

Since the arrival of the iPhone 6s a few years ago, iPhone users have had the ability to capture Live Photos. When shooting a Live Photo, the iOS Camera app actually records data before and after the shutter button is pressed...

What’s New in macOS Mojave: A First Look at the Developer Beta

I was expecting a version of the macOS that would mostly be about security and performance, but while I expected a fastball, Apple threw us a curve. Apple announced that macOS Mojave not only included the expected security, performance, and privacy...

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