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Picxture of damaged macbook pro screen woth apple service page loaded

Water and MacBooks Don’t Mix: A Cautionary Tale

December of 2019 marks 35 years since I purchased my first Mac. In all that time, I’ve never had an accident with any of them…but this past Saturday, all it took was a simple bump of a glass of water on my desk, and now my new 16-inch MacBook Pro is “not so new.” I want to share my tale of woe and provide readers of The Rocket Yard with a few tips on what to do to minimize the chances of something like this happening to them.

Checking in on Florian Wagner’s African Waters Project

(Florian Wagner, not pictured, stores his images on an OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini while shooting on location.) In May, OWC announced its support for photojournalist Florian Wagner’s African Waters 360° project. During the photo-film mission, Wagner is flying 18,000km via...

Why Waste Water?: Help Make a Difference On this World Water Day

(Photo credits: Nigol Bezjian from “Me, Water, Life” – a poetic journey into the world of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and their dire situation with water in daily life, hygiene, sewer, agriculture and more.) Today is World Water Day. Formally proposed...

Help Make a Difference On this World Water Day

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJhHUqwtnmY?rel=0] Today is World Water Day. Formally proposed in 1992 and first designated in 1993, the March 22 holiday is an annual event that focuses attention on the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater...

Weekend Read: Machines and Water Can Mix

Earlier this week, OWC Brian K. showed us how to properly care for our Apple laptop batteries. But believe it or not, years before we could run our sophisticated laptops solely on battery power, computers were able to function powered...

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