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Mosaic of mac applications you should have

10 Mac Apps You May Not Be Using But Should

We all have favorite apps that we tend to install right away on a new Mac. For the most part, these are the apps we use every day to assist us in how we use our Macs. Your favorites may...


15 Mac Menu Bar Apps You Should Check Out

Menu Bar apps sit in your Mac's menu bar and provide access to an array of features and services, all with just a simple click or tap of the app’s menu bar icon. They can bring additional productivity, utility, or...

Quick Tip: Using Spotlight to Get a Weather Forecast

Especially in the winter months, it's helpful to get up-to-date weather forecasts while you're working on your Mac. After all, if a blizzard is on the way or the polar vortex is pushing the temperature down to double-digit negative numbers,...

MacSales.com Reduces Services Due to Severe Inclement Weather

As MacSales.com headquarters in Woodstock, Ill. is currently bracing for a large covering of snow, we regret to inform you that we will have a reduced staff – with potential complete closings – beginning this evening and lasting perhaps until 8 a.m....

10 Mac Features You Probably Don’t Use But Should

With each release of the Mac OS, new features are added, older features may be updated, and in some cases, removed or replaced. Over the course of a few OS updates, it's easy for some very useful system features to...

First Significant Snow of the Season Hits OWC Woodstock

While we have seen several “dustings” already this season, we got our first significant snowfall here at OWC Headquarters in Woodstock over the weekend. And as always, the piles of snow serve as a reminder of the winter that lies...

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