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What You Need (And Need to Know) to Work From Home Successfully

I'm working from home today. It doesn't have anything to do with the coronavirus; it just so happens that I wasn't planning on going into the office. But it is becoming evident that more and more people are going to be working from home in the coming days and weeks. And that is a good thing because of the rapidly developing concerns regarding the viral outbreak we are all having to deal with right now. Perhaps you have been asked to work from home, or you are wise to self-quarantine for a while. If so, let's talk about what that may look like and what you will need—and need to know—to be successful.

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A Dozen Essential Mac Accessories

Whether your Mac has just been unboxed or you’ve had it for years, there are some accessories that every Mac owner should consider indispensable. Today we’ll take a look at a dozen of these accessories and how they can assist you in your daily work.

Stalkerware: What It Is, How To Detect It, and How To Remove It

First, it was computer viruses, then other forms of malware. Now there's a new threat out there: stalkerware. If you haven't heard the term "stalkerware" before, it's probably because it's something that has only surfaced in the past few months thanks...

Early Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals From OWC!

It’s that time of year again, where traditionalists head out into the freezing cold (or the blistering heat for those in the southern hemisphere) in search of the perfect gifts for loved ones. Fortunately, with OWC, you don’t need to...

Being informed is the best way to protect your privacy.

The right to privacy, or the privacy rights of an individual, in the United States are widely contested everyday. While there is not a specific outline for the “Right to Privacy” in the founding documents, the courts have done their...