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Eject Icons on trying to eject message

Protecting Your Data: How to Safely Eject a Disk or Drive

“I just wait a couple of seconds before unplugging a disk..." “I never safely eject a disk, and I’ve never had a problem...” “I waited for the light to go off before I pulled the plug, and everything looks fine...” There’s a lot of different ideas about disconnecting disks, and different ideas about why (and if) it’s necessary. In reality, unplugging a drive without telling the OS is always risky.

windows logo and softraid logo

SoftRAID Lite for Windows: Elevating Protection & Performance

OWC announces the release of SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT for Windows. This is the first time SoftRAID is available for Windows users, who now have a cross-platform solution and can share RAID volumes between OSes. Available for purchase now; users who have previously purchased SoftRAID 5 Lite XT with their OWC solution will receive this Windows edition for free.


🚀 TipOff #24: How to Run Windows on a Mac

Before you roll your eyes, sometimes it does come in handy (even for a self-respecting Mac fan) to run Windows. Maybe because you want to play the newest and coolest game or need to run some niche software program with...

OWC’s New Dock Ejector App Now Available to Download

OWC has released their Dock Ejector app, a free download that works with all OWC docks. OWC Dock Ejector safely ejects all drives connected to any OWC dock with a single click. Ideal for fast-paced mobile workflows, it takes the tedium...

OWC Announces New Lower Price on Thunderbolt 3 Dock for Holidays

OWC’s Best in Class Thunderbolt 3 Dock for Mac (and Windows) Now $249 – One Cable to connect your world and eliminate dongle chaos + Powers Laptops OWC announced that their best  OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock (Mac and Windows™ PC) is now...

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