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OWC Radio #64 – Pennies For Your Thoughts

The usual suspects are cashing in their opinions on a wide-variety of topics this month. From the massive coin that Apple has amassed to the single penny that NASA is sending to Mars and everything in between. Bet your bottom...

Lowest Price Ever For Parallels 5…As Low As $25!

We all know how great it is to work on a Mac, but we also know that far too many businesses are mired in Windows-only software, meaning if you want to work at home, you need to be on Windows,...

Office 2011 – Cautiously Hopeful

The next version of Office, the 2011 edition, is due out in October, and while I won't be standing in line to get a copy, I do appreciate the effort of the MBU

A Mac’s Adventure into Windows

A lot of people might be apprehensive about adding a Windows emulator on their Intel Mac. I was too. My wife received a promotion at work and needed the capability to be able to work remotely. We had purchased a...

Playing nice with Windows users.

Due to a recent transfer of old files at home, I came across an old email from my days in radio. One of the producers at the radio station I had been interning at had a problem. All the production...

Conficker-C May Haunt Your PC April First

If you run Windows on your computer, you may want to get up to speed on Conficker, the computer worm that has been spread all over the Internet. According to various sources, estimates claim as many as 10 million computers...

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