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Tag Archives: World of Warcraft

Despite What You May Have Read, Macs Can Be Great for Gaming

Hang around a Mac gaming forum or YouTube channel for five minutes and you’re bound to see someone ask “why would anyone choose a Mac for gaming?” It’s an honest question, but unfortunately, it’s backward. People don’t buy Macs just...

iOS Review: Do Flashy Graphics Save This Behemoth?

Lok’tar! Greetings, friends! Way back in the day I wrote a post on World of Warcraft. I did a lot of raiding, and led the “Tee Shirt Ninjas” Guild’s Red Team on the Black Dragonflight realm for many years before...

OWC Strives for Level 90

It's time to dust off my armor and weapons; Mists of Pandaria is coming! An entire new continent of lush environments and brutal bosses awaits you and your friends in this new expansion to World of Warcraft! New adventures are...