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Taming Common Demons That Can ‘Possess’ Your Mac

A lot of weird things happen around Halloween. And not just your pumpkins disappearing or fresh eggs magically appearing splattered on your front door. Weird things can happen to *gasp* … your computer. We know, we know… weird things can...

Welcome to the Digi-Zompocalypse

No, this isn’t another Zombie film starring Brad Pitt killing digital zombies (though I would totally watch that); this Zompocalypse deals with a new security flaw discovered in the Android operating system just a few days ago. This flaw is...

Are You Prepared for a Zombie Attack?

The Center for Disease Control has found a new way to spread the word about being prepared for emergencies with a new graphic novella, about the mother of all emergencies - a zombie attack. The novella, available for download on...