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Best Collaborative Tools for Remote Work, and How to Download Them

If you work with a tight-knit group that was often bouncing around ideas pre-COVID shutdown, it can be hard to translate that group mentality outside of the physical office space. However, there are some tools available to help you work together with your co-workers. It might not be the exact same as being side-by-side in person, but the results will leave you feeling connected despite your remote location. Here are some great collaborative tools to incorporate into your team's workflow.

hall of jusatice background with zoom logo

Adding a Zoom Background

If you’re like me, you’ve gotten really familiar with Zoom over the past few weeks. It’s not that I didn’t use it before, but now instead of being in a room with a bunch of my coworkers connected to another room or two also with multiple people, we’re all by ourselves in our homes. In one of my Zoom meetings this week, someone had a cool space themed background, and I made a mental note to get myself some cool backgrounds.

macOS 101: Using Accessibility’s Vision and VoiceOver Options

Last week, we started our foray into the Mac's Accessibility features with an overview of the services available, and a look at the General category, which provides quick access to many of the Accessibility features. If you would like to...