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Thunder2 Quad
External Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution

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Faster than ever, you can now achieve speeds of up to 1375MB/s with this 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 technology storage enclosure. The removable trays allow for easy installation and replacement of the drives. They are designed for both 2.5" SSDs where speed is the priority and for 3.5" HDDs when it's important to maximize the storage capacity. An ultra durable aluminum casing provides efficient heat dissipation, plus an extra large rear fan keeps your drives cool during long hours of operation.
High-Speed I/O Performance
By incorporating the awesome Thunderbolt 2 interface and combining it with four SSD drives that can keep up in a RAID 0 software RAID, AKiTiO’s Thunder2 Quad is ready to deliver an extremely fast throughput performance of up to 1375MB/s.
2 Thunderbolt Ports for Daisy Chain
The second Thunderbolt 2 port lets you daisy chain up to five Thunderbolt devices together. For example, you can attach additional external drives and even a display all connected to your computer through a single cable.
4K Workflow with Thunderbolt 2 Technology
Thunderbolt 2 technology incorporates DisplayPort 1.2 support, which allows for video streaming to a single 4K video monitor. If you are a video editor, you can now use a single port to connect your external storage drives and a 4K display.
Faster Backup and Data Duplication
With the free AKiTiO Data Multiplier application, backing up and duplicating files is faster than ever. Designed with video editors and data imaging technicians in mind, the application requires only a few clicks to simultaneously copy the files from one drive and duplicate them onto up to three other drives.

Product Specifications:

AKiTiO Part Number


OS Compatibility

  • Mac OS X 10.9 and above
  • Windows 7 and above

Other Requirements

  • Computer with Thunderbolt connector


  • The maximum real world performance of this Thunderbolt 2 product is about 1375 MB/s. To reach these kind of speeds with the AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad, four SSDs that are combined in a RAID 0 system (Apple Software RAID) are required.
  • This Thunderbolt product is not compatible with Apple's Boot Camp.
  • Thunderbolt cable not included with all models or in all regions.
  • To connect this device to a Thunderbolt 3 computer, a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt adapter like the AKiTiO T3T is required.
  • This product has components or design elements that are patented or patent pending.


  • Aluminum


  • CE
  • FCC
  • VCCI
  • Thunderbolt


  • 25dB


  • Environmental (Operating)
    • Temperature (°F) 41° — 95°
    • Temperature (°C) 5° — 35°
  • Environmental (Non-Operating)
    • Temperature (°F) −4° — 140°
    • Temperature (°C) −20° — 60°


  • Height: 184 mm (7.2 in)
  • Width: 134 mm (5.3 in)
  • Length: 242 mm (9.5 in)


  • 136 g (4.8 oz)
Manufacturer provided specifications for AKiTiO p/n TBQ-TIAA-AKTU



  • AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad enclosure (drives not included)
  • Thunderbolt cable
  • Power adapter
  • Setup guide
AKiTiO Thunder2 Quad External Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution Mfr P/N: TBQ-TIAA-AKTU OWC SKU: AKTBQTIAAU Supports up to four 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch HDD or SSDs. Two Thunderbolt 2 ports, removable drive trays. Includes Thunderbolt cable. 30 Day OWC Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day
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