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20 Meter QSFP Active
Ethernet Cable

Mac / PC / Linux / Gigabit Internet / QSFP
Pure Signal Integrity
For 30 years, ATTO Technology, Inc., has conducted in-depth testing of noise, interference, cable lengths, and their effects on connectivity solutions. ATTO premium cables are specifically designed to optimize connections between high-performance storage, servers, and workstations. ATTO cables are recommended for use with all ATTO products to ensure the highest levels of performance and data reliability.

Utilizing high-quality shielding, equipment-specific cables lengths, and extensive pull testing to verify connection integrity, these premium cables ensure the best performance and data integrity from your ATTO-enabled infrastructure.

Product Specifications:

ATTO Part Number

  • CBL-0310-020

Cable Length

  • 20M

Max Transfer Rate

  • 400Gb/s

For Use With

  • FastFrame NQ41 QSFP+
  • FastFrame NQ42 QSFP+
  • ThunderLink NQ 3401
  • ThunderLink NQ 3402
Manufacturer provided specifications for ATTO p/n CBL-0310-020
ATTO 20 Meter QSFP Active Ethernet Cable Mfr P/N: CBL-0310-020 OWC SKU: ATTCBL0310020 QSFP to QSFP 20 Meter Active Cable ATTO 90 Day Limited Warranty Ships: 24-48 hrs only $739.00
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