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Apple Original 4GB (2GBx2) PC6400 DDR2 ECC 800MHz 240 Pin FB-DIMMs

Matched pair, perfect for any Mac Pro 8-core / Quad-core Xeon system!

Apple genuine Memory. Assorted brands, such as Hynix, Micron, and Nanya (matched pairs, cannot specify manufacturer).

Module Specifications:

  • Size: 2GB (2048MB) per module
  • 240-pin FB-DIMM
  • 256M x 72, Single Rank ECC Module
  • CAS 5-5-5
  • 1.8v
  • Data Rate = 800MHz
  • TRUE PC6400 DDR2 Major Thermal Tested
  • Module Bandwidth 6.4GB/s
  • Fully compliant with all Apple Mac Pro Specifications
  • RoHS Certified
  • Why do I need more RAM?

OWC offers rebates on memory!

A rebate from OWC on your old memory module helps make upgrading to higher capacity chips even easier! From the date of purchase of a qualifying new memory module from OWC, we allow 60 days for you to return your old memory for a cash rebate! Once you've received and are satisfied with your new memory, just fill out our online rebate form or contact OWC Customer Service by phone Monday - Friday between 8:30AM and 8PM for a rebate RMA.

Please allow up to 14 Days from the time we receive your memory for testing and rebate processing. Your memory must be functioning correctly to qualify. Upon successful testing, a rebate check for the qualifying amount will be mailed to the billing address used on your new memory module purchase. It's that easy! :)

When you upgrade your memory from Other World Computing, a rebate for up to the same number of memory modules purchased is available for the return of your old module or modules! Module(s) must be in working order.

These modules are compatible with the following Mac Pro 8-core / Quad-core Xeon systems:
Mac Pro

Mac Pro Quad-core Xeon 5400
(January, 2008)

��� 2.8GHz

Mac Pro 8-core Xeon 5400
(January, 2008)

��� 2.8GHz
��� 3.0GHz
��� 3.2GHz

Mac Pro

Mac Pro Quad-core Xeon 5100
(August, 2006)

��� 2.0GHz
��� 2.66GHz
��� 3.0GHz

Mac Pro 8-core Xeon 5300
(April, 2007)

��� 3.0GHz