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We're sorry, but this item is no longer for sale. However, there may be more Apple Service Parts » For MacBook Air items available.

Apple Service Part

Full LCD Display Assembly
For 11-inch MacBook Air 2010-2011 models

Very Good to Excellent | Dent free with minor marks possible

Bracket & Hinge Included
Apple Genuine Units
Have a cracked, scratched, and/or non-functioning display on your 11-inch MacBook Air 2010-2011 model? We have the replacement!
Please Note:
While OWC encourages the DIY philosophy, this is a difficult installation that requires advanced skills. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Product Specifications:

Apple Part Number

  • 661-6069

What's Included

  • Replacement LCD Display Assembly
  1. Unit may have minor imperfections in aluminum case.
Manufacturer provided specifications for Apple p/n 661-6069 UPC#: 617407266108


This product is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
MacBook Air
MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2011)
(July, 2011)
Model ID: MacBookAir4,1
1.6GHz, 1.8GHz
MacBook Air
MacBook Air (11-inch Late 2010)
(October, 2010)
Model ID: MacBookAir3,1
1.4GHz, 1.6GHz
Apple Full LCD Display Assembly For 11-inch MacBook Air 2010-2011 models Mfr P/N: 661-6069 OWC SKU: APL6616069 Apple OEM, New. Repair your broken screen! 90 Day OWC Fulfilled Limited Warranty
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