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Avea Dynamic Mood Light

iOS / Bluetooth
Control Your Ambiance
Transform your home
Avea transforms your home with beautiful dynamic light moods. Control your ambiance from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, and unwind in one of the carefully crafted settings with subtly changing light.
Rise and shine
After a relaxing evening, simply set your alarm using the built-in wake-up light scene. With Avea, rise and shine along a natural sunrise, right in your bedroom.
Avea on Apple Watch makes it easier than ever to pick the perfect lighting for your mood. Simply raise your wrist to view the current status of Avea at a glance, and effortlessly transform your home with a simple tap.
Smart Technology
Avea connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth Smart technology, without requiring additional gateways or bridges. But it doesn't stop there: once you have chosen a light scene, the smart LED light-bulb will take care of the rest, not requiring a constant connection to your iPhone or iPad. Connect more than one Avea, and they will automatically coordinate their lighting to create an even more immersive atmosphere.

Product Specifications:

Elgato Part Number

  • 10027700


  • 430lm

Power / Voltage

  • 7W
  • 110-240V


  • E27 / E26 / A21

Supported Devices

  • iPhone 4S or later
  • iPod Touch (5th generation)
  • iPad mini or iPad (3rd generation or later)
  • Apple Watch

OS Supported

  • iOS or later

Energy Consumption

  • 7 kWh / 1000h

Energy Efficiency

  • Class A

Operating Temperature

  • 32° - 122° F (0° – 50° C)


  1. Elgato Avea app available on Apple App Store.
Manufacturer provided specifications for Elgato p/n 10027700 UPC#: 012306309190



Included Items
  • Elgato Avea light bulb

Customer Ratings

Write a Review 4.7 / 5 4 out of 4 (100%) reviewers would recommend this product
Verified Buyer
Reviewer: pkmac Location: Colorado Age: 35-44 Experience Level: Home User Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 5/5 Very cool lightbulb December 10, 2016 Works great, fun to mess with and show off to friends/family.

I would recommend this item to a friend! Customer Videos:

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Seattle, WA
Rating: 5/5 Rave in a lamp March 23, 2016 It's like a rave in a lamp! Very fun to have a lightbulb that changes colors and that you can control from your phone! Take it with you and surprise folks when you're in a new location. Works on an iPhone 5s.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer Top 250 Contributor
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: boston ma Age: 55-65 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 4/5 It's a fun novelty February 16, 2016 I call it a novelty because it's not really bright enough as a white light to be functional, hence the one star taken off. But it is FUN, I used it on Valentine's day for 'mood lighting.' And it is EASY to use, the application is simple. Maybe, too simple. It has 10 preprogrammed sequences of shifting hues which are all pretty subtle. I would like to program in my own sequence. I do find it amazing all the COLORS it can achieve in a dark room. It connects easily to my phone and watch. I will likely buy another one, just because it IS fun.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: ken1w Location: San Francisco, CA Age: 45-54 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 5/5 Smartphone/smartwatch, yes, but smart lightbulb? November 29, 2015 This product is surprisingly fun. I bought just one to check it out. "Dynamic" in this case means the "smart lightbulb" changes its color and intensity "on the fly" to imitate things like sunset, fireplace, forrest, ocean, etc... For example, the "Cozy Flames" setting puts out an orange-red light that randomly flickers (changes brightness and color) like light from a fireplace. You can adjust brightness and "vividness" (the dynamic effect) for each setting. If there are more than one present (which I can't try), they are supposed to "coordinate" to improve the effect. Even with just one, it does a nice job.

You control it (them) from your compatible iOS device (or Apple Watch), using the Avea app (download free from App Store). I use my (5th gen) iPod touch. The app is simple to understand. The iOS device connects directly with lightbulb over Bluetooth. Lightbulb can be in any normal socket. So it needs to be close by (in Bluetooth range) to change settings, but once it is set as desired, lightbulb continues to operate that way even if iOS device goes out of Bluetooth range or gets turned off. The app seems to "talk" to lightbulb only when you want to change settings (and turn it on/off). The app is iOS-only, which is a PLUS for me (maybe not for an Android device user).

The physical size of lightbulb is somewhat larger than a traditional "dumb" lightbulb. On the plain white light setting, it is not super bright (maybe about an "old school" 60-watt incandescent bulb). On the "mood" settings, it is less bright. I looked at pricing from the BIG retailers, and OWC had the lowest price (when I bought it). The next time I buy something from OWC, I'll probably add my second Elgato Avea smart lightbulb to the order.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Elgato Avea Dynamic Mood Light Mfr P/N: 10027700 OWC SKU: ELG10027700 Transform your home with beautiful dynamic light. Connects directly to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Elgato 1 Year Limited Warranty
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