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4TB G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt

Mac / PC / Thunderbolt / USB 3.0
High-performance storage solution with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0
Setting a new standard
Are you ready for the new G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt? Well, get ready for the new industry standard. The G-DRIVE comes equipped with the latest technology for fast transfers that professionals demand. If you're a photographer, editor, or sound designer you can expect to see an even bigger difference in your daily work-flow and save a lot of time. The G-DRIVE is a high-performance storage solution featuring ultra-fast Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces in an all aluminum enclosure. G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt is perfect for storage-intensive applications like audio/video editing or digital photography.
Sleek, durable, and whisper quiet
You'll love how G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt looks and sounds. The G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt is designed to be a stylish, sleek, and whisper quiet storage solution. It features the latest HGST 7200 RPM drive with up to 64MB of cache, encased in a rugged, stylish and recyclable enclosure. More over, the drive is whisper quiet with an integrated heat-sink, or fanless cooling system, that ensures reliable operation, minimizes noise produced, and extends its life span.
Time Machine ready
Your G-DRIVE can be easily used as a backup drive via Time Machine when connected to a Mac. Time Machine ships with your Mac and provides automatic file backup to ensure all your work is protected. When you attach your G-DRIVE for the first time, the Time Machine dialog box should automatically appear. Set up after connecting your G-DRIVE is a breeze. One click and you're backing up your data, a lot of data.
Versatile and ready to go
G-DRIVE ties straight into your projects providing instant back up and on-the-fly reviewing and editing. It comes pre-formatted for Mac, which means you can simply plug it in and start using it right away! If you're a Windows user, you can easily reformat the drive for use with Windows. G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt attaches to your computer via the Thunderbolt cable or USB 3.0 cable, which is backward-compatible with USB 2.0. Choose the connection appropriate for your system and connect your drive with the matching supplied cable. G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt, the industry standard, just set a new standard.

Product Specifications:

G-Technology Part Number

  • 0G03050

Standard Mechanism

  • 1 x 4.0TB 3.5" 7200RPM HGST Hard Drive

    *1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less). The actual total capacity will depend on your own defined file settings/preferences.

System Monitoring1

  • Power & Activity LED


  • 1 x Thunderbolt port
  • 1 x USB 3.0 port

Interface Max Transfer Rate

  • Thunderbolt - 10Gb/s
  • USB 3.0 - 5Gb/s

Average Transfer Rate

  • 165MB/s


  • Aluminum

Supported OS2

  • Mac OS 10.7 and later
  • Windows 8 & 7 (via reformat)

Operating Environment

  • 41°F - 95°F (5°C - 35°C)


  • 5-80% humidity (non-condensing)


  • 9.25" x 5.12" x 1.89" (23.50 x 13.00 x 4.80 cm)


  • 2.98lbs. (1.35kg)


  1. The LED on the front of the drive will flash brighter as data is transferred to or from the hard drive
  2. Your G-DRIVE is setup from the factory for use with Mac OS systems, and formatted as "HFS+ with Journaling."
Manufacturer provided specifications for G-Technology p/n 0G03050 UPC#: 705487193657




  • G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt External Hard Drive
  • 1 x Thunderbolt cable
  • 1 x USB Cable (USB 3.0/2.0)
  • Universal AC Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide

Customer Ratings

Write a Review 5 / 5 2 out of 2 (100%) reviewers would recommend this product
Verified Buyer
Reviewer: TBI11 Location: Mamaroneck, NY Age: 45-54 Experience Level: Home User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 You can save money but get similar speed by.... January 11, 2019 1) buying a usb 3.0 or 3.1 4tb drive for say $60-$120 2) buying the thunderbolt to usb dongle for $50 3) buying a thunderbolt cable for $40 Total cost=$150 to $210 and then any tax....as no hard disk can yet fully maximize the thunderbolt's capacity (think of a little water flowing thru a super thick pipe). Ie. The thunderbolt is "too thick" for the flow from the hard drive inside.

But this drive has a "high reliability" reputation and also a "cool-look" factor, which probably makes up the difference. Most cheap drives will have cases made of plastic.

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Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Machead52 Location: Phoenix, AZ Age: 55-65 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 Excellent plug & Play Drive for Mac OS October 31, 2017 I've not had the drive for long, but SO FAR SO GOOD! The drive seems to run a bit warm but doesn't seem to present any issues.

Transferring my 1.5TB worth of files was fast and painless. There was no need to format anything and everything works as expected.

What most impressed me about the drive was the SERVICE associated with the transaction. I placed the order on a Thursday and fully expected to have it by Tuesday of the following week; but in fact it arrived the very next day! That was a big help for me as it provided me the weekend to backup my data. Thanks, MacSales!

I would recommend this item to a friend! Customer Videos:

G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt Mfr P/N: 0G03050 OWC SKU: GTC0G03050 High-Performance storage solution featuring Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity G-Technology 3 Year Limited Warranty
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