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Mini rack for Mac mini

Up to 4 Mac minis on One Rack!
Compact rack-mount solution
The Mini rack is the premier rack-mounted system for the Mac mini. In less than 1U, up to 4 Mac minis can be installed in a standard 19" rack shelf. No tools are required for installation.
Compact, 1U design
The Mini rack features a single slide-out shelf that is capable of mounting up to four Mac minis in a standard 19", 4–post rack enclosure. The front of the Mini rack features to capture screws that serve two purposes–one to screw down to cage nuts (not supplied) in the rack and the other to serve as a grip to pull on should you need to slide the Mini rack shelf out to access the Mac minis.
Tool-less installation
The Mini rack can be installed in less than 5 minutes with no tools. Each rail securely engages the square hole rack posts and then the shelf is slid into place. The Mini rack includes 2 rails that are easily installed without tools into any standard 19", 4-post rack. The slide out shelf is then guided onto the rails. It's so simple, the whole process takes about three minutes!
Cable management
The layout of the Mini rack allows cables from the front Mac minis to be routed down the center of the rack. Two cable management clips ensure the cabling stays put. There's also an optional cable management tie-down arm to install at the rear of the rack.
The design of the airflow ducting with the Mini ensures that all Mac minis are getting fresh, cool air from the front of the rack and that the exhaust is vented
directly to the rear. Cool air is directed through four openings below the faceplate to the front and rear Mac minis. The cool air is separated by a base that also does double-duty as holders for the Mac minis. An additional inlet directs cool air above the Mac mini to cool the chassis and force the warmer exhaust air to the rear of the rack.

Product Specifications:

H-Squared Part Number


Mount Capacity

  • 1-4 Mac Minis per 1U

Rack Units

  • Fits in 1 Rack Unit

Shelf Material

  • Powder-coated steel


  • Tool-less


  • Integrated airflow ducting


  • 19" x 24" x 1.7" (48.2 x 69 x 4.3 cm)


  • 15lb (6.8kg)


  1. Square hole rack required.
  2. Please note that as of April 2014, H-Squared changed the cable management channels on the Mini rack to adhesive-backed clips. Photos may not reflect the Mini rack you receive.
Manufacturer provided specifications for H-Squared p/n 112-4901 UPC#: 807648049015


This product is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
Mac mini 2018
Mac mini (Late 2018)
(November, 2018)
Model ID: Macmini8,1
3.6GHz i3, 3.0GHz i5, 3.2GHz i7
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Late 2014)
(October, 2014)
Model ID: Macmini7,1
1.4GHz, 2.6GHz, 2.8GHz, 3.0GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Late 2012)
(October, 2012)
Model ID: Macmini6,1 & Macmini6,2
2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.6GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Late 2012 Server)
(October, 2012)
Model ID: Macmini6,2
2.3GHz, 2.6GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2011)
(July, 2011)
Model ID: Macmini5,1 & Macmini5,2
2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.7GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2011 Server)
(July, 2011)
Model ID: Macmini5,3
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2010)
(June, 2010)
Model ID: Macmini4,1
2.4GHz, 2.66GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2010 Server)
(June, 2010)
Model ID: Macmini4,1


  • slide–out shelf that holds up to four Mac minis (post–June 2010 models)
  • Pull–out shelf
  • Two rails
  • Cable tie–down
H-Squared Mini rack for Mac mini Mfr P/N: 112-4901 OWC SKU: HSQMINIRACK In less than 1U, up to 4 Mac minis can be installed in a standard 19" rack shelf. No tools required for installation. H-Squared 1 Year Limited Warranty
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